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Search Marketing – Don’t Go in the Water Alone

A key element in the success of a search marketing campaign is the investment of time.  It takes time to set a campaign up properly.  This included researching and selecting the right keywords, setting the budget limitations correctly and writing ad copy to maximize your Click Through Rate (CTR).   Once your campaign is set up then you need to continually make the necessary campaign adjustments to receive the best return.

The typical small business executive does not always have the time to focus on learning the “to-dos” and “not to dos” of search marketing on their own.  Trial and error can be expensive and time consuming at the very least.  

Navigating the waters of paid search without experience is sort of like playing with sharks in the middle of the ocean while wearing a children’s flotation device.  It is not recommended. 

For the tech-savvy entrepreneur there are countless sources where you can read about how to successfully implement a search marketing campaign.  If you fall into this category I would suggest you at least get a little coaching from someone with experience to avoid costly mistakes. The investment of a few hours for an initial campaign set up or a campaign review could save you countless hours and many dollars.

For the small business executive who does not have experience or time or the inclination to figure it out on their own look for someone who has solid expertise (and who can provide references) to manage your campaign from start to finish.  Most marketing agencies will offer this service as well many independent contractors.

The Google Certification Program is an excellent credential for one to have.  There are many talented people without this credential but it does add extra peace of mind that the person truly understands search marketing.  I am in the process of getting mine so stay tuned for the announcement.

Happy Searching!



Marketing Alphabet Soup

In today’s marketing world there are so many acronyms. It is difficult to keep up – especially for those who have other things on their plate like running their business.

I have put together a quick reference guide on some of the more widely used marketing acronyms. This is not meant to be a complete list. Each one of these terms could be an informative blog post all on its own.  I plan to explore many of these in future posts.  Let me know which of these you would like to see more information – I will be happy to expand. 

Please add a comment if you have any questions or corrections.

Online Advertising / Paid Search
CPA – Cost Per Action
CPC – Cost Per Click
CPM – Cost Per Thousand
CPS – Cost Per Sale
PFI – Pay For Inclusion
PFP – Pay For Performance
PPC – Pay Per Click
PPL – Pay Per Lead
PPS – Pay Per Sale
RON – Run Of Network
ROS – Run Of Site

Web Analytics
CTR – Click Through Rate
UV – Unique Visitor
PV – Page View

Search Engine Marketing
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SEP – Search Engine Positioning

General Acronyms
Word of Mouth
ASP – Application Service Provider
B2B – Business to Business
B2C – Business to Consumer
IM – Instant Messaging

Side note: Our world seems to be suffering from “acronym overload”.  There seems to be an acronym for almost everything these days.  Before writing this post I went to Wikipedia to research how many acronyms are in existence.  There is no definitive number however I found two interesting sources that are supposed to have a comprehensive list of acronyms and what they mean. Both sources are human-edited: (900,000 entries) and Acronym Finder (750,000 entries).

Enjoy the soup…


p.s. We will save social media for another day.


Many times bloggers have a dream of what their blog will be about, who will read it what they plan to say.  Sometimes they are right and sometimes their blogs morph into something unexpected. My goal is to help small to medium-sized business with marketing and business related challenges. If you are a marketing and business guru/expert/kingpin then this blog is probably not for you (you could teach me a thing or two :)).

I do have some experience to share. Deep experience in marketing, ecommerce, special events, software and in start-ups (specific experience in why some don’t work). I help small to medium-sized business with marketing and business related challenges.  My goal is that you will find something useful here to grow and improve your business.

As of today, July 28, 2010 I am still in the process of building this site.  The saying “if you build it, they will come” is a fallacy.  You have to direct people to “it” because there is so many other things vying for your readers’ attention.  If you happen to stumble upon my site before I complete it please help me start spreading the word and visit frequently.  Of course if you wish to send me hundreds of readers before I have started marketing it then by all means – go ahead! 🙂

Thanks for the support.


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