You can do anything you want…

Knowing your limits is a key element in maintaining integrity.


One of my most favorite quotes: “you can do anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price”.  I was having a discussion today with some of my peers about this issue as it relates to business.  A particular action may be legal but is it ethical and/or moral.

The price I am willing to pay for “doing anything I want” is not very high. As I gain more experience in business and in life my road gets narrower. As I see it the prices we pay fall into seven categories.  

  • Spiritual
  • Ethical
  • Moral
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Financial

How do you see it?



About Kerri Karel

Kerri has over 21 years of well-rounded experience in marketing, ecommerce and public relations. She has lead multi-million dollar marketing and ecommerce projects. Additionally she has 10 years of start-up experience. She also has 10 years experience in planning trade shows, special events and conferences. View all posts by Kerri Karel

2 responses to “You can do anything you want…

  • Jen McGahan

    …and don’t forget social. One pays the price for neglecting the feelings and judgment of his peers.

    I’m amazed when I meet people who don’t seem to have that integrity gene — but it is rare when another person’s standards seem to fall far short of what I would set as my own baseline. Sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on it; integrity is more like a sniff test or a hunch. Some people just don’t “get it” or value it. When I sense that someone doesn’t have any personal standard for integrity, (after gentle verbal correction or comment), I try to be very careful around them, or just try not doing business with them at all.

    See, the negative social ramifications are a high price to pay!

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