Hashtag Mash

A hashtag is the “#” symbol followed by a keyword that Twitter users use to follow a particular set of tweets.  They can be used to follow a topic, an event, a business, a person or just about anything else you could think of.

Hashtags can benefit small business owners in the following ways:

1. Create a company hashtag. 
You can create a hashtag as part of your branding strategy.  As your company Tweets under the official Twitter handle it can add a hashtag at the end.  When anyone retweets your post it will include the hashtag and you can gauge how much your company is talked bout on Twitter. The goal is to get your brand ambassadors to Tweet on your behalf and use the official hashtag as well.

2. Start a topic and follow the trend.
Just like an official company hashtag you can create a hashtag for a campaign, product or service.

3. Follow an existing topic on Twitter. 
This will save you time and help to narrow down relevant Tweets for you to read.

What other ways do you use hashtags for business? Chime in and let me know!

Need more information on hashtags?  Follow me and send me a Tweet!  http://twitter.com/KKarel.



About Kerri Karel

Kerri has over 21 years of well-rounded experience in marketing, ecommerce and public relations. She has lead multi-million dollar marketing and ecommerce projects. Additionally she has 10 years of start-up experience. She also has 10 years experience in planning trade shows, special events and conferences. View all posts by Kerri Karel

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