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Integrity Matters

There have been many lessons learned throughout each season of my career. While each season has taught me different things some have been universal.  One of the most important values I learned is that integrity matters.  You can be successful in business and maintain your integrity. Merriam-Webster defines integrity as: firm adherence to a code […]

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Adaptable or Compromising?

Webster defines “adaptable” as capable of becoming adapted. It goes on to give an example “an activities director who’s adaptable to any kind of situation.” As small business owners we must be adaptable to any kind of situation.  Stick it out in business long enough and you will come across many situations in which you […]

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You can do anything you want…

Knowing your limits is a key element in maintaining integrity.   One of my most favorite quotes: “you can do anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price”.  I was having a discussion today with some of my peers about this issue as it relates to business.  A particular action […]

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Thursday Threads

Thoughts from Kerri (every Thursday)… There sure are a large amount of social media “experts” floating around. Some are innovative but most are just copy cats (including me). Even copy cats have valuable things to share with their Tribes. If you have not read Tribes by Seth Godin, you need to do it NOW! The […]

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Passion is Contagious

If you have passion and enthusiasm it will catch on and it will come through in your marketing strategy.

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