Marketing / Branding

Marketing Plans

Creating a comprehensive, effective and achievable marketing strategy is not as simple as it may seem.  It is important to make certain the strategy fits the organization. Whether your organization is looking to build a marketing strategy from the ground up, or improve an existing one, Kerri Karel Consulting can help. Kerri has created marketing plans for organizations with annual revenues of $1 to $10 million.  Kerri has solid experience in helping identify ineffective strategies and work to create an effective marketing plan that is geared toward the desired return.

Campaign Management

Maintaining continuity and consistency in a campaign no matter what channel(s) (online or traditional) is used is a key element to the campaign’s success.  Kerri has in-depth experience in creating and managing the following types of marketing campaigns: online, social media, affiliate marketing, search marketing, print and direct mail.  Kerri can create and execute campaigns from simple to complex.


Social Media

Social media is about conversation, transparency and connection. It is an ever-changing marketing tool.  It has leveled the playing field. Small companies can communicate with their customers on the same level that the giants in their industry can – sometimes better.

It is critical to remember that social media is not a strategy unto itself.  It must be part of a larger strategy to have long-term effectiveness. Kerri can create and execute a social media strategy integrated into your overall marketing plan or coach you on how to create it on your own.

Search Marketing

The typical small business executive does not always have the time to focus on learning the “to-dos” and “not to dos” of search marketing on their own.  Trial and error can be expensive and time consuming at the very least. Kerri has extensive experience in creating and managing paid search campaigns (PPC and other types) with monthly budgets ranging from $10 to $1.5 million.

Online Marketing

There are many different types of online marketing and advertising venues.  Most of the work is selecting the right venue.  The campaign goals and budget are critical pieces of information to have before a method can be selected. Kerri can help you determine the best method to achieve the desired results.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can help facilitate product sales online by extending your reach to multiple independent online retailers.  Navigating the details of an affiliate marketing program can take time. Kerri can manage existing affiliate marketing programs or help you build a program from scratch.

Web Analytics

If you are not analyzing your web traffic you are missing a valuable management decision making tool.  Kerri can help you begin analyzing your traffic and then help monitor it.  Once you can see the stats – what do you do with them?  Kerri can make sense of the data and turn them into a plan of action to increase your web traffic.

Product Marketing Management

Managing a product is different than managing an overall marketing strategy.  When marketing a product the focus must be on the aspects of the product including where it falls in the product life cycle, barriers to entry in new markets and how effectively the product is meeting customer expectations.  Kerri has experience in helping to develop new products, revamp/repackage existing products and retire others.

eCommerce and Software

ecommerce Management

Choosing the right ecommerce platform can be overwhelming, especially for a small business owner with no online experience.  Kerri has extensive ecommerce program management and product development with small to large sized companies.  Whether you are selling online for the first time or need a seasoned professional to take your program to the next level – Kerri has the experience to take you there.

Software Project Management

Small businesses often do not have the qualified staff to manage mission-critical software projects.  Kerri has extensive experience in successfully managing software projects for small companies to large corporations.

Product Development

Kerri has experience in developing products and services in the online and software space.


Business Management

Start-Up Management

Want to start a business but don’t how to write a business plan, or set up initial operations.  Kerri has experience in writing business plans and setting up the initial infrastructure of a small business.

Business Plans

Sometimes entrepreneurs have a great idea and want to build a business but do not know how to build the plan.  In addition to being involved and writing the business plans for 5 start-ups, Kerri received her MBA in 2000.  This combination of education and experience can be helpful when creating a business plan.  It is your plan but Kerri can come alongside you to coach you along the way.

Executive Management

Kerri has served on the executive team for four organizations.  She takes a team-oriented approach to management and allows her team the freedom to do what they were hired to do.   


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