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Taking a break

Hello Everyone,

I wil be taking a break from the blog this week but should return next week to share more of my insights and experience.

Be back soon…



Say What?

 Social Media Guidelines for Your Brand

On Wednesday I talked about achieving brand consistency on a budget.  Common voice (tone, wording, etc.) is a key element in brand consistency. The great thing about consistency of voice in social media is that it does not cost much, if any, cash.  It does require a time and thought investment.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all have status updates.  This is not news. 

What may be news to many small business owners is that you can easily set your Twitter status to appear on your LinkedIn and Facebook status plus on your blog too (depending on what blogging service you use). This is one way to be sure your voice and messaging is consistent across all platforms.

This may get a little tricky if there is more than one person engaged in social media on behalf of your company but it is achievable.  Here is where the time and thought investment comes in.  This can be done by establishing guidelines for any representative of your company to who engages in social media. 

Keep these things in mind when establishing social media guidelines:

  1. Be clear on the voice of the company
  2. Be clear on your policy to engage (or not engage) negative comments
    1. You may want to designate one person to be the voice in these situations
  3. Don’t make the guidelines too narrow so that you squash the individual’s voice
    1. Especially about things unrelated to your brand
    2. But…don’t make them too loose either
  4. Don’t make efforts so coordinated that everyone is saying the exact same thing
    1. Like automated Tweets to multiple accounts
    2. It can get boring and your audience will lose interest
  5. Add guidelines specific to your brand…

As always, I encourage you to seek the help of a marketing coach.  They can help guide you in the right direction.

If you would like to learn how to link your updates feel free to email me.

Working to add value…


Thursday Threads

Changes are… consistent

  1. This week Google announced Google Instant. Need to keep a close watch on this one to see how it affects my clients’ Adwords campaigns.
    1. How do you think Google Instant will affect paid search?
  2. It will be interesting to see how popular keywords increase in bid price.
    1. A WSJ article speculates that the most common terms(which are already expensive) will jump in price.
  3. A key element of a good marketing coach is to help their clients navigate major changes like Google Instant.
    1. Perhaps I will write something brilliant and get credited by AP as a blogger news source…
  4. The Associated Press (AP) begins crediting bloggers as news sources. It will be interesting to see how this affects the news cycle – if at all.
    1. I doubt I’ll get quoted by the AP tomorrow but it could… happen!
  5. I would guess that to be a cited source by AP one must be consistent in delivering news-worthy information
  6. Speaking of consistency… the use of the same or complementary colors across different marketing platforms can help tie your campaigns together
  7. The use of consistent wording can help do the same
  8. Using consistent (positive) wording is also a good practice with children and families. This is not big news but perhaps it should be…



Many times bloggers have a dream of what their blog will be about, who will read it what they plan to say.  Sometimes they are right and sometimes their blogs morph into something unexpected. My goal is to help small to medium-sized business with marketing and business related challenges. If you are a marketing and business guru/expert/kingpin then this blog is probably not for you (you could teach me a thing or two :)).

I do have some experience to share. Deep experience in marketing, ecommerce, special events, software and in start-ups (specific experience in why some don’t work). I help small to medium-sized business with marketing and business related challenges.  My goal is that you will find something useful here to grow and improve your business.

As of today, July 28, 2010 I am still in the process of building this site.  The saying “if you build it, they will come” is a fallacy.  You have to direct people to “it” because there is so many other things vying for your readers’ attention.  If you happen to stumble upon my site before I complete it please help me start spreading the word and visit frequently.  Of course if you wish to send me hundreds of readers before I have started marketing it then by all means – go ahead! 🙂

Thanks for the support.


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