Web Analytics: Carpe Data

Are you seizing the data?

Many small business owners have implemented a tool, such as Google Analytics, to monitor their web traffic. If you are one of those who have a tool in place I am so glad. 

The important question is…are you using it to make critical marketing decisions?  If you are not using it to review your performance and make revisions to improve your website and traffic flow then you might as well uninstall it.

If you don’t understand how to analyze and apply the information then educate yourself. Here are a few ways to educate yourself on how to review web analytics.

  • Look for the help feature within your package
  • Educate yourself on key terms related to web analytics
  • Read blog posts from marketing professionals (click here to read my posts on the subject)
  • Google it! – there are many tutorials, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc. that can help you understand analytics data
  • Consult with a marketing professional who understands web analytics

Using a web analytics tool to measure the performance of your web site is a key element to its success. As always, review your metric and revise as necessary.

Always analyzing…


p.s. Google Analytics is not the only quality web analytics tool. However, it is one I recommend for small business owners.


Hashtag Mash

A hashtag is the “#” symbol followed by a keyword that Twitter users use to follow a particular set of tweets.  They can be used to follow a topic, an event, a business, a person or just about anything else you could think of.

Hashtags can benefit small business owners in the following ways:

1. Create a company hashtag. 
You can create a hashtag as part of your branding strategy.  As your company Tweets under the official Twitter handle it can add a hashtag at the end.  When anyone retweets your post it will include the hashtag and you can gauge how much your company is talked bout on Twitter. The goal is to get your brand ambassadors to Tweet on your behalf and use the official hashtag as well.

2. Start a topic and follow the trend.
Just like an official company hashtag you can create a hashtag for a campaign, product or service.

3. Follow an existing topic on Twitter. 
This will save you time and help to narrow down relevant Tweets for you to read.

What other ways do you use hashtags for business? Chime in and let me know!

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What Have You Done for Me Lately?

 It costs more to acquire a new client than it does to retain existing ones. 

If you are doing what you do best – delivering your product or service with excellence – then your existing client relationships have a solid foundation. Telling your client how muych you appreciate them can help to strengthen that solid foundation.  I hear this talked about all the time but I don’t see it in action nearly as much.

Consider these when continually cultivating existing client relationships:

~ Say thank you ~
Letting your client know they are appreciated can go a long way (saying “thanks” on an invoice does not count). Saying thanks in person, a handwritten note or over the phone is more valuable than you might think.

~ Give a gift ~
A gift to your existing clients does not have to break the bank. You can keep it simple: a note pad, a coffee mug, a restaurant gift card, take them to lunch, etc.  Get creative.

~ Solicit feedback ~
You can learn much and strengthen relationships by asking your clients what you and your company can do better.  If you genuinely want to hear what they say and are willing to make changes, you can make a significant impact on your relationship.

~ Client appreciation event ~
If you have several important clients in the same geographic area you could produce an appreciation event.  If you do make sure you give each client specific attention at the event by you or someone on staff.  This personal touch will not go unnoticed.

There are many more ideas out there.  Hopefully these ideas can get the creative juices flowing to find one that would work for you and speak specifically to your customers.

Consult your marketing coach to get more ideas and help with execution.

If you have success stories and other ideas to share please chime in. I’d love to hear from you.

It’s all about relationships…


Fostering Growth

If you fail to foster the growth of prospect relationships now you won’t have anyone to call on when your well dries up.

It is mission critical to dedicate all the time needed to properly serve your current customers.  This is a good business decision and is expected by your clients.  As a small business owner your plate is already full.  It is easy to minimize the importance of creating and building new relationships simply because there seems to be no time to do it.

This could be a grave mistake.  If you don’t keep new customers coming through the door you may one day find yourself without any new ones.  Depending on what product or service you sell, not fostering the growth of new relationships could dampen the success of your company.

I said most of this in a previous post. Some things bear repeating.

Still Fostering Growth…


What’s so great about EOK?

One of the great things about Entrepreneurs of Knoxville (EOK) is that it’s about building each other up and helping one another in our business efforts. It is a unique business organization. I am new to EOK and I already see so many benefits. Here is my list.

  1. EOK is truly collaborative – members are willing to help other entrepreneurs by sharing their expertise on a certain topic [If everyone contributes then everyone benefits]
  2. EOK provides practical information – much of the information shared can immediately apply to your business
  3. EOK brainstorms with you – in the crowd sourcing hour you can bring an idea or a business challenge and have a group of experienced professionals help solve the issue or point you in the right direction
  4. EOK is a practice run for funding – looking to pitch your idea to investors? During the pitching hour EOK can provide you with practical information from those with experience in securing funding for small business. [Not only can you get practical information but you can practice your pitch to investors in a friendly, collaborative environment]
  5. EOK is a great publication tool – you can publish content on EOK through blog posts, forums and more. [this is an excellent way to potentially get more visits to your own blog]
  6. EOK can generate business – EOK is not a lead generation organization, however, that is a natural progression that may occur from being involved and contributing to EOK
  7. EOK is free – the only investment required is your time. As with anything you get out of it what you put into it. [While it may be free for members (on purpose) there are certain expenses incurred. Donations are accepted]
  8. EOK is non-profit – this helps keep membership costs at zero. [please see number 7]

What other benefits have you received from being an EOK member? I’d love to hear them!


Twitter: @EoKtown | Other places where EOK lives…

You can do anything you want…

Knowing your limits is a key element in maintaining integrity.


One of my most favorite quotes: “you can do anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price”.  I was having a discussion today with some of my peers about this issue as it relates to business.  A particular action may be legal but is it ethical and/or moral.

The price I am willing to pay for “doing anything I want” is not very high. As I gain more experience in business and in life my road gets narrower. As I see it the prices we pay fall into seven categories.  

  • Spiritual
  • Ethical
  • Moral
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Financial

How do you see it?


Bounce Rate – Aim Low

Are your web site visitors bouncing like Tigger?

As a small business owner it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the alphabet soup that goes along with web analytics. Understand key terms and their implications can dramatically improve the performance and value of your web site and web site traffic.

A critical measurement when looking at your website analytics is the bounce rate.

Bounce Rate: A visitor comes to your site, does not see what he or she is looking for and immediately leaves your site to go somewhere else. 

The good news:  Every web site has bounces.  Many times people stumble upon a site they did not intend to visit.

The bad news:  The higher the bounce rate the more likely there is a problem. Unfortunately a high bounce rate could represent any number of problems.

A high bounce rate could mean one or more of the following:

  1. The page your visitors first see (landing page) is poorly designed
  2. The landing page has too much copy
  3. The website has confusing navigation
  4. Technical issues with the landing page
  5. Poor keyword selection
  6. Poor quality traffic (there are several reasons this could occur)
  7. A handful of technical issues

As with any other metric bounce rate cannot be analyzed in a vacuum – it must be measured taking many other factors into account. The important thing to remember is that using a web analytics tool to measure the performance of your web site is a key element to its success. As always, review your metric and revise as necessary.

If you need help – please consult your marketing coach. They can help you navigate the terms and their implications so you can focus on your business.

Always working to bounce low…


The Significance of Follow-Up

Take the action!

Earlier this week I wrote a blog post (read it here) about the different types of people who attend networking events. One of the comments I received was about the necessity for follow-up. I could not agree more – it is a key element to making the investment of your time worthwhile.

Making a “connection” at a networking event is great but if you do not begin to cultivate that connection and turn it into a working relationship nothing will happen. Wherever you make your initial introduction – events, cold calling, direct marketing, etc. – it will be of little value unless you to continue to engage.

I think I will add a 5th group to my list of types of people at networking events:

The Winner – this person immediately followed up on the quick connections they made at the event. Why are they the winner? Because they are the ones turning those connections into relationships.

My Take:  A five minute discussion at a networking event will not land you a big contract.  Cultivating a relationship you started at a networking event just might. Take the action!

As a small business owner your time is so valuable.  You are trying to wear 20 different on any given day.  If you attend networking events one of your goals was to try and make more than one connection at a time.  Don’t waste the time you spent! Follow Up. Make the most of it. Some connections may turn out to be nothing but with a wasted follow-up opportunity you will never know.

Just a thought…


What’s Your Type?

Why do people attend networking events?

Usually because they are hoping to make some connections that can help their business.    

I’ll be honest. These types of events are not my favorite way to spend 90 minutes. When I first became serious about building my business I made a decision to get over myself and start attending networking events anyway. I know it works and as a marketing coach I will not ask my clients to do something I am not willing to do myself.  So with my apprehension in tow I jumped into the pool of networking.  Each event I attend gets a little easier and I definitely get more energized when I leave having made some great connections.

I have noticed four types of people at networking events:

The Wallflower – this person is either shy or may not be really sure what they are doing there in the first place. They will not make the first move to engage in conversation. 

My Take:  Some of the best conversations I have had are with wallflowers.  They are usually very interesting people with interesting careers – if only someone would draw them into conversation.

The Social Butterfly
– this person’s goal seems to be to talk to everyone in the room and they usually accomplish their goal.

My Take:  Since the purpose of a networking event is to meet people and make connections this can be an excellent approach.  You cannot go into any depth by doing this but networking events are about starting the conversation.

The Trainee
– this person is fairly new to the networking scene and is just learning how to concisely answer the question “what do you do?” Unless you are a totally polished and competent salesperson I think everyone goes through this phase – I know I did.

My Take:  Give them grace and let them practice on you.  You might just find a meaningful connection.

The Unapproachable
–This person stands against the wall with arms crossed or sitting at a table with their head down. Their body language says “don’t bother me – I’m in the zone”. 

My take:  If you want to get “in the zone” do it in your office and stop taking up space that could be filled by someone who really wants to make a connection.

What is your take on networking groups? I have several blog readers from networking groups I belong to – please chime in and share your experience!

Looking for new connections…


Email Signatures – A Hot Topic

Who Knew?

Over the post 30 days the top read my post on blog was about email signatures. Who knew this is such a hot topic?

I was prompted to write the post because I had been noticing several “over the top” email signatures and felt I just had to say something.

Since your email signature is truly a reflection of your brand you might want to review yours and revise it if necessary.  Ask these questions:

  1. Is my email signature “over the top?
  2. Is it too long or too short?
  3. Does my current signature reflect my brand?
  4. What do I want to convey?
  5. Am I conveying it?

Many people are obviously thinking about this topic as evidenced by the visits to my blog on this topic.  What is your viewpoint on email signatures – keep it simple or “over the top”?

Want me to critique at your email signature? I can arrange that – contact me.


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