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Chop and Grind

My husband and I have a blended family with four teenagers. When we married over 3 ½ years ago: our kids were teens and pre-teens. We went into it with eyes open knowing it would be challenging and did everything we could to prepare ahead of time.

We were not prepared.

Whoever came up with the phrase “blended family” obviously never had one.  To me blending conjures up images of a smooth fusion of two or more elements.  My blender is broken – sometimes it is stuck on chop and grind.

Sometimes small business owners have a blender that is also stuck on chop and grind. Blending “old school” marketing and the new social marketing world of today can be messy and many get it wrong. Having a well-planned social media strategy out of the starting gate can help that blender move past chop and grind into smooth fusion.

Here are some tips to help you blend more smoothly:

  1. Define who you are trying to reach (old school)
  2. Identify the social media platforms in which you wish to engage (new world)
  3. Research your audience on those platforms (old school and new world)
  4. Listen to (read) what they are saying (old school)
  5. Find your “voice” for the medium (old school and new world)
    1. Note: Do not just push your product or business – remember you must contribute value to the conversation)
  6. Learn from the mistakes you will make (old school and new world)
  7. Review and revise your strategy as you gain more knowledge and followers, fans, friends, connections, etc. (new world)
  8. Seek help in getting started if you need it (old school and new world)
    1. Find a social media coach to guide you

Still blending…



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