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Email Signatures – A Hot Topic

Who Knew?

Over the post 30 days the top read my post on blog was about email signatures. Who knew this is such a hot topic?

I was prompted to write the post because I had been noticing several “over the top” email signatures and felt I just had to say something.

Since your email signature is truly a reflection of your brand you might want to review yours and revise it if necessary.  Ask these questions:

  1. Is my email signature “over the top?
  2. Is it too long or too short?
  3. Does my current signature reflect my brand?
  4. What do I want to convey?
  5. Am I conveying it?

Many people are obviously thinking about this topic as evidenced by the visits to my blog on this topic.  What is your viewpoint on email signatures – keep it simple or “over the top”?

Want me to critique at your email signature? I can arrange that – contact me.



Email Signatures – Keep it Simple

Keep it simple!

Your email signature is part of your brand strategy.  Short, simple and consistent email signatures is a key element in presenting a professional image.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Email signatures should provide your basic contact information so the recipient can reach you.
  2. Email signatures should not take up a large amount of space.
  3. Be consistent with font types. Make sure they are readable. Subtle is better. 
  4. Leave out lengthy descriptions. The recipient can visit your website for more information.
  5. ONLY include the full signature in the first message in the email string. Create a secondary signature for replies.  Including the full signature in replies is repetitive.
  6. Everyone in the company should follow the SAME email signature format.  This helps build brand consistency and makes your organization look more professional.
  7. Do not include your email address in your email signature.  They obviously have it.
  8. If you must include a disclaimer, decrease the font size and put it at the bottom of the signature like a footer.  Short is better.
  9. If you want to include an image make sure it is small. Some industry professionals say do not include an image at all and some say small images ore ok. I am considering removing mine.
  10. Including social media contact methods are good. (hint: use hyperlinks – it looks better)

Informative, concise and tasteful should be the rule for email signatures. Have a different idea? Post a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Here are some example signatures…

Keeping it Simple,


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