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Thursday Threads

The Gratitude List

I often make gratitude lists.  Especially if I have a bad attitude or things are not “going my way”.  Gratitude lists help me focus on the important things in my life and gain perspective. The priority items on my gratitude list include God, my husband, my kids, my home and my dogs.

But wait, there’s more…

More Things I am Thankful for:

  1. Grace – without it I am not sure where I’d be
  2. Perspective – it keeps me from overreacting
  3. Age – there are certain ages I DO NOT want to be again
  4. Experience (even the “bad” ones) – every experience has brought me to the place I am in my life and career
    1. I Like it here
  5. Failures – they teach me about me and about what not to do again
  6. Difficult people – they also teach me about me and give me opportunities to practice tolerance
  7. Speed limits – without them I would really drive too fast

Full of gratitude…



Thursday Threads

Blinding flashes of the obvious… 

  • It is difficult to deliver a good product for your client if everyone on your team is unhappy
  •  Poor communication will not make your team happy
  •  Communication is not effective if no one understands what you are talking about
  • Communication is not effective if you do not listen
  •  People like to be heard
  •  If you ignore your clients, they will move on
  •  If you ignore your family, they won’t be happy
  •  Everything in your life does not have to be about work
  •  Finding balance is a good thing
  •  If you are passionate about something (God, your family, your work, a cause, etc.) it becomes contagious
  •  Apathy can also be contagious
  •  Apathy can kill an organization
  •  Passion can bring an organization to life

Got Passion?


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