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Marketing Alphabet Soup

In today’s marketing world there are so many acronyms. It is difficult to keep up – especially for those who have other things on their plate like running their business.

I have put together a quick reference guide on some of the more widely used marketing acronyms. This is not meant to be a complete list. Each one of these terms could be an informative blog post all on its own.  I plan to explore many of these in future posts.  Let me know which of these you would like to see more information – I will be happy to expand. 

Please add a comment if you have any questions or corrections.

Online Advertising / Paid Search
CPA – Cost Per Action
CPC – Cost Per Click
CPM – Cost Per Thousand
CPS – Cost Per Sale
PFI – Pay For Inclusion
PFP – Pay For Performance
PPC – Pay Per Click
PPL – Pay Per Lead
PPS – Pay Per Sale
RON – Run Of Network
ROS – Run Of Site

Web Analytics
CTR – Click Through Rate
UV – Unique Visitor
PV – Page View

Search Engine Marketing
SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SEP – Search Engine Positioning

General Acronyms
Word of Mouth
ASP – Application Service Provider
B2B – Business to Business
B2C – Business to Consumer
IM – Instant Messaging

Side note: Our world seems to be suffering from “acronym overload”.  There seems to be an acronym for almost everything these days.  Before writing this post I went to Wikipedia to research how many acronyms are in existence.  There is no definitive number however I found two interesting sources that are supposed to have a comprehensive list of acronyms and what they mean. Both sources are human-edited: http://abbreviations.com (900,000 entries) and Acronym Finder (750,000 entries).

Enjoy the soup…


p.s. We will save social media for another day.


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