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Marketing Plans – Phase it In

Excited about your new marketing plan? Don’t bite off more than you can chew…

Typically I will build a plan with a phased timeline. For me this is a key element of a successful plan. This way I can get early results without getting overwhelmed with the magnitude of the plan or expenses needed to execute the entire plan all at once.

The current plan I am working on has some mission critical elements already in process.  My client and I have identified a couple of additional mission critical elements and I have also identified a piece of “low hanging fruit” we can execute quickly. Once I finish writing her plan I will already have identified the first items on the timeline.

Mission Critical Elements – if you are a new company and just establishing your brand this will include the basics like company logo, business cards, letterhead and a basic web site. If your brand is established this may be the one campaign, project or strategy that sparked the need for a new plan in the first place.

Low Hanging Fruit – Identify a couple strategies and tactics that will give a high return, are low in cost or both.  This is a good way to jump start your marketing efforts.

A phased approach is also necessary unless you have an unlimited marketing staff or too much time on your hands.  Typically the small business owner does not have time or staff to execute their entire marketing strategy at the same time.

It is easy to get excited about your marketing efforts once you begin planning.  If you work to scale the mountain step-by-step you are setting yourself up for success with a manageable plan. More on marketing plans tomorrow.

Moving forward, one step at a time!



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