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Talk to Me!

If projects are not managed well, clients and employees alike may not be happy or productive.

A key element to solid project management is communication.  Goals and expectations must be clearly communicated.  If the information people need to be effective in their roles is not provided then frustration, lack of commitment and missed deadlines are sure to occur.

As a small business owner it is important to make sure that those managing your projects have a well thought out approach.  There is more than one approach out there.  He is my basic approach to managing projects.

  1. Obtain overview of the project
  2. Identify all stakeholders
  3. Interview key stakeholders (if necessary before kickoff)
  4. Create the project plan including timeline and applicable milestones
  5. Facilitate project kickoff meeting
  6. Communicate expected deliverables from each stakeholder
  7. Call team meetings only when critically necessary
  8. Establish regular communication intervals
  9. Maintain regular communication with all stakeholders
    1. Regular communication with specific groups on the project as necessary
  10. Maintain accountability of project stakeholders to insure on-time, successful project launch

Being someone who typically has 47 things going on at once it is important for me to have an organized approach to projects.  I hope sharing my process with you can help you get your projects better organized.

Managing well…



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