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I use social media because….

…it facilitates connections.

There are several reasons to use social media for business. Whether you use it to gain industry knowledge; make new connections; keep an eye on the competition or see what your clients are saying, the underlying reason should be about relationships.  At their core, social media tools exist to facilitate relationships and connection.

I use social media to do the following:

  • Increase my sphere of influence in hopes to find new connections
  • Nurture some of those new connections into online relationships
  • Connect with some of those relationships ILR (in real life)
  • Learn form people who are smarter than me (the list is long)
  • Gain new industry knowledge
  • Contribute my experience and expertise
  • Increase awareness of my consulting business and my blog

The tools I primarily use are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  For many clients I also use YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr.

What are your reasons for using social media tools?



Social Media is not…

Social media is not a stand-alone strategy

Having a social media component in your overall marketing strategy is a key element to success.  But if social media is your only strategy – at worst it is doomed to fail and at best you will just be spinning your wheels.

Marketing is about telling your story – the story of your product and your company. I coach my clients to use social media to help promote, educate and spark conversation about their story.  Social media helps us to get more personal with our clients and customers. Social media can extend our reach beyond what it can be without it.  Social media can help us make new connections.

If social media helps us promote our company story that means we must already be telling our story. As a small business owner you are living out your company story daily. The question becomes, are you communicating it effectively?

Don’t know the answer? Ask a marketing coach. I’m available.


Thursday Threads

Social Media Do’s and Don’t’s for Small Business


    • DO set realistic expectations and goals for your social media strategy
      • DON’T assume that you will not get leads for your social media efforts
    • DO have a solid, well-planned strategy
      • DON’T let your strategy become robot-like
    • DO seek out help to execute your strategy   
      • DON’T be afraid of the technology (that’s why you get help)
    • DO push yourself to get the most out of social media   
      • DON’T over commit yourself with an unachievable strategy
    • DO contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way
      • DON’T only Tweet about your latest blog post or your products
    • DO look for people you know and connect with them through social media
      • DON’T assume they will all be as focused as you might be
    • DO be deliberate in getting your message out there
      • DON’T be repetitive
    • DO remember that what you say will always be “out there”    
      • DON’T let that stop you from being authentic

    See you next Monday…


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