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Apology Not Found

Seth Godin recently wrote a blog post called The category of ‘without apology’. He stated that some companies produce their product without apology.  One of his examples “There are high margins in the business of high-end flatware, for people who don’t want to apologize for the lack of an asparagus fork when they have fancy company over.”

Whether your market segment is high-end asparagus forks, low-end furniture or moderately priced software you have a specific audience.  If you did not have an audience or buyers for your product you would not be producing it. So… continue producing it and marketing it – unapologetically.

If you need help in telling the story of your product “without apology” ask a marketing coach.


P.S. I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog. Every day he makes me think about what I am doing.  He has written several business books that I believe are game changers for business including Linchpin. As a marketing and business coach I strongly suggest you subscribe to his blog (after you subscribe to mine of course).

Telling Your Story

Are you getting their attention?

If you are a small business owner you have a story to tell. It may be difficult for you to see because you are living out your story every day. Marketing is about telling your story – the story of your product and your company.

Effectively telling your company story can communicate many things:

  1. Your passion for your business
  2. What drives you to do what you do
  3. Why you are different
  4. The core values of your business
  5. The quality or dedication of your employees
  6. How your company has helped your clients
  7. The benefits of your product/service
  10. … 

Anyone can give information on the features / benefits of their product or where it is sold or what it looks like.  This information is not “news” and is rarely given a second thought.

Communicating your passion will get people’s attention. 

What else will telling your story communicate? You fill in the rest of the list.

Coaching with Passion,


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